Life Beyond Roe

Life Beyond Roe

This is the moment we’ve all prayed and worked for: Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

We hope that you were able to let that remarkable reality sink in—to rejoice in the fact that countless lives will be saved, to celebrate with all those who have worked so hard for this moment, and to prepare for what comes next in this new chapter of the pro-life movement.

Now, in an unprecedented show of unity and collaboration, 30+ top pro-life leaders and organizations are joining together for a movement-wide online event following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, to chart a new path forward in our post-Roe America.  YOU — and every other pro-life American — are invited to join this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Here are the event details:
• What: “Life Beyond Roe” movement-wide webcast
• Date: This Wednesday, June 29
• Time: 8–10 PM Eastern (5–7 PM Pacific)

Please join us as we answer questions like ‘Why now?’, ‘How are we positioned?’, and ‘What is the path forward?’. It is essential that, as pro-life Americans, we can articulate truth into the ensuing whirlwind of pro-abortion misinformation.

Roe is reversed!

We celebrate this milestone today and applaud the six justices who have courageously and correctly interpreted the United States Constitution.

This is a day to give thanks to God. It’s also a day to give thanks to the tens of millions who have marched in the snow and cold on the anniversary of Roe these last fifty years as faithful witnesses to the value of human life. It’s a day, as well, to give thanks to those who have committed their lives and their resources to serving mothers and protecting innocent children.

We remain dedicated to fostering and furthering a culture of life, which recognizes the dignity of each and every person. This should not be a political cause of only a few – but the cause of all who care about and support the preservation and protection of human rights.

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We are thrilled to be settled into our new location at 402 Monroe Street in downtown Carthage, NC.  We’re currently open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

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One in three women in the United States experience abortion firsthand. In North Carolina almost 20,000 babies are lost to abortion each year. Abortion is everywhere. Let’s change that.


Roll up your sleeves and be a part of the fight for life. Make an impact for Christ in our community. Take a stand against abortion and help women in need. With a job this big, there’s a lot to do. Jump on in.


Contribute with cash, investments, or donations of baby or mommy items.  Your help makes a significant impact: bringing LIFE and Christ to Moore County. Give a gift and make a difference two lives at a time.

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“They do all they can and are so helpful.” “I liked the prayer after the ultrasound. It was like a mother’s blessing.” "Caring and genuine." “My appointment at LCPC lowered my stress level greatly and I finally feel hopeful and happy about my baby.” “Life Care provided options for me so I am less afraid.” “The staff gave me this: this is the first day since I found out I was pregnant that I haven’t felt depressed and hopeless.” “Honestly every need I had was met, I couldn’t be more thankful.” "The women here are supporting and loving.” “What I like best? The non-judgmental help to mothers.”