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Diaper Company Supports Life


A new brand of diaper is honoring the gift of life and supporting pro-life organizations at the same time.

EveryLife is a new company formed by a group of parents who are passionate about their faith and their families.

The company makes a pro-life community pledge with Buy For A Cause initiative:

We unapologetically choose to celebrate life. Because every child is a gift from above that deserves to be loved, protected, and celebrated — every single day. And our community will be just that: men and women who are joyful about raising children, celebrating life, and championing parenthood. Whether you're in the trenches of raising little ones, hoping to have kids soon, or watching your own children become parents, you belong here. We know there are millions of family members and friends who are aligned with our values but may not have babies at home — which is why we established our 'buy for a cause' program — because we want you to be part of this, too.

EveryLife's diapers, which are chemical free, are available from newborn through size 6. Both the wipes, which are hypoallergenic, and diapers are available for either one-time purchase or by subscription. The company offers wipes as well, which can be bundled with diapers.

Visit the EveryLife website for more information. 

We do not offer, recommend, or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.

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