The Problem


Abortion seems like a safe and legal solution to a life-altering problem. Sadly, the impact of this choice is rarely quick, simple or painless. Physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological scars can result from an abortion decision. These consequences range from drug and alcohol abuse to anger, guilt, loss, grief, depression and anxiety. Many go on to choose abortion multiple times. But for the grace of God’s healing, some of these wounds can last a lifetime, and often impact present and future generations.


Abortion providers outline that abortion is a common choice in America. One third of American women will experience an abortion at least once in their lifetime. Nearly half (44%) will go on choose abortion again and again, compounding and intensifying their initial devastation. Nearly half of these abortions take place in the lives of teenage girls and women under 25. For each young woman, there’s a man who also experiences the loss of fatherhood. For each couple there is a family (grandparents, future siblings, grandchildren, etc.) that will never know a branch of their family that has been lost. The impact of abortion can echo on for many generations.


It is impossible to know how each life lost to abortion could have impacted our city, state, nation or even our world. Obviously there would be many more mothers, fathers, grandchildren, friends and neighbors. Perhaps one of those lost in an abortion decision could have found the cure for cancer, become a future President, been a loving grandchild or parent, even brought peace to far regions of our universe. Our world will simply never know the worth of any individual lost.