Why We’re Here

In Moore County, babies are being lost before they breathe their first breath. Men and women are hurting, struggling to find a solution, not knowing there is a God who offers love and hope. Every year 1.2 million abortions occur in our country. That means 1 abortion takes place every 20 seconds. But abortion isn’t just a national epidemic. It’s in our state. It’s in our communities. In North Carolina almost 20,000 abortions occur each and every year. Life Care Pregnancy Center was founded to offer women considering abortion a place to go before they make this life-changing decision. At Life Care Pregnancy Center, women are empowered with information and truth. They find hope, care and support. They find life – and Christ.

Click here for the North Carolina abortion statistics.

Choose Life

When a young woman or couple chooses life for their unborn baby, the journey is initially difficult. Many times the woman or couple do not have a great deal of physical support for a life-affirming decision. Though the thought of a baby might fill them with joy, lack of support can allow fear and doubt to set in. Life Care Pregnancy Center offers the support every individual needs to follow through with their decision for life through our Earn While You Learn® program, an educational parenting program. Our Mommy Boutique provides them with material resources to support their life decision. Our advocates continue to be their friends and confidants, assisting them in every way possible to make their child’s journey into this world a safe and secure one! Please help us help them!

Why We're here