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We are in the final round of the voting process with Best of the Pines for TWO categories! 

Please take a moment to vote for Life Care for the "Best Place to Give Your Time or Money - Children" AND/OR "Best Place to Give Your Time or Money - Community" in the "Arts & Community" group. 

Voting ends July 31st!

How to vote:

1.) Click the link HERE - This will take you directly to our voting page within the Arts & Community group. 

2.) Both categories will appear: “Best Place to Give Your Time or Money - Children" AND "Best Place to Give Your Time or Money - Community."

2.) Select "Vote."

3.) Enter your email & select "Continue" *Please note that if you did not participate in previous years, you will be prompted here to enter your email, name, zip code, DOB, and gender. If you did participate in previous years, you will be sent a link after entering your email.

4.) Enter your information & follow the prompts to continue to submit your vote.
*Please feel free to vote for us in both categories (children & community) if you choose!


We are proud to partner with EveryLife, a diaper company that supports LIFE and the work of pregnancy resource centers!

Click the link HERE!

For every purchase, you'll receive 10% off and in return, EveryLife will donate 10% of that purchase to Life Care! Just use the code LIFECARE10.

How amazing is that?

Seven Weeks Coffee

Support Life Care with your coffee purchase!

When you purchase Seven Weeks Coffee, you'll be supporting Life Care and our vital services. Seven Weeks Coffee donates 15% of every sale to pregnancy centers - and when you use our link, the proceeds go directly to LCPC.

Click the link HERE to purchase using our code!

Witness for Life

Coming Soon!

We do not offer, recommend, or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.

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